Why does your business need analytics?

Data analytics is the “science of extracting patterns, trends and actionable information from large sets of data”. For business, analytics is tremendously valuable as it allows a company to improve their management and day-to-day operations.

Analytics allows a business to make considerable improvements and extract insights that allow for the ability to leverage data to give a company competitive advantage. Harnessing the power of analytics allows business to understand what your target audience is talking about, developing trends, what people are sharing online and more — all in real time.

With proper analytics, you will be able to:

Reduce compliance / regulatory risks that could expose the business to reputation damage and regulatory penalties.

Enhance customer experience, loyalty and trust, leading to improved sales opportunity.

Attract and capitalize on new opportunities in the market

Improve operational data analysis efficiencies that lower operational costs.


4 Secrets which make our products unique

Effortless Analytics

We provide your business access to hardcore analytics effortlessly. Our clever and innovative analytics service provides answers on demand. At the click of a button, you can gain access to valuable data at lightning speed that will help you get a better understanding of your business.

Super Convenient

It’s difficult to make the time to sit down and review your analytical data; at Mosmarts we have a dozen experienced analysts available to review your business. We’re dedicated to ensuring businesses improve their productivity and efficiencies without the stress and inconvenience.

Amazing Insights

We understand you often need analytical data on the go and at your fingertips and can provide smart and easy to view insights for your business. As experts in our field, we have a range of handy insight tools that connect valuable pieces of analytical data within your system to provide intelligent insights into your business.

Truly Intelligent

Our smart alerts allow you to carry on your day-to-day business and be alerted when important milestones or trends begin to formulate. Our smart analytics tools are 100% tailored to your specific requirements so you can be informed 24/7 of any important developments in your business analytics.

Our Data Analytics Process


Project Scoping

We start by analyzing and documenting your essential business operations and conducting stakeholder interviews to gain insights into your organization’s goals, roles and key performance indicators. This leads to the identification of the initial and long-term data needs of the business. We identify key data that can help to support and improve the business operations, success factors, deliverables and where they can be applied and systematically locate and categorize existing reports.


Collect Data

Assess internal data architecture and accessibility; create data inventory (document sources and meaning); assess external sources of information such as digital social media, web traffic, Research items, frequently “Googled” key words/items, internal publications, etc. In this step we also make steps to validate content of both internal and external data structure and/or formats.


Clean Data

This step is where we explore data governance – a policy that specifies who is accountable for what portions or aspects of the data, including its accuracy, accessibility, consistency, completeness, and updating and also perform audit of data quality capability assessment and agree on data quality priorities plus assess the severity of “dirty data”.


Analyze Data

Creative visualization from large non-homogenous noisy data plus provide actionable insights represented with associative personalized experience, simplicity, elegance and functionality. Pre-defined simple show-at-a-glance views for quick snapshot and simplified self-service extensive drill down and roll up for “deep dive” reports.


Communicate Results

Knowledge transfer and training, pursue any special investigations, proactive alert mechanisms
interactive insightful apps, brainstorming forums and seamless sharing and across channels interactions.


Post implementation Review

In this final section Mosmarts provide an internal rollout and launch to staff, communication of project value, cross-functional alignment and collaboration of different processes, staff and functions in the business. Provide a benefits and returns assessment and outline processes for adoption and compensating for unforeseen business events.