Why should your business choose Mowiz?

"Poor data is the primary reason why 40% of all business initiatives fail to achieve their targeted benefits. Data quality effects labor productivity by as much as 20 percent."

Research by Gartner

Inadequate data quality leads to lost revenue (54% on average), increased costs (72%) and decreases in customer satisfaction (67%).
Mosmarts revolutionary product Mowiz helps businesses make sense of operations, finance marketing, sales, research, management and IT — so your business can be 100% effective and productive.
Mowiz is a business intelligence solution that helps you do business more efficiently and it’s available across all platforms.

Features of Mowiz include:

Remarkable simplicity – with a mere touch you will get performance feedback for your organization
Interactive and image based –makes understanding easy and improves on business performance visibility with simple shapes and colors
Unified focus and improved business visibility – by consolidating data from several sources such as spread sheets, html, databases, emails and other data sources

Self service – TRUE business intelligence system allowing for individual style / preferences.
Industry individuality – tailored solutions relevant and specific to industry needs
Key insights aligned to relevant role or domain

Analytics at your fingertips 24/7
Platform for insights/ideas and quick sharing / collaboration forum
Incorporating a smart mitigating information overload mechanism to enhance your focus

Get alerts and notification on the go
Popup business insights with an eagle eye view on business performance
KPI Drill-down (Key Performance Indicators) at your comfort zone