10 Warning signs that your business is at risk and needs Mosmarts help


Backlog of reports

– struggling to compile and submit reports at the end of each period


Inadequate and ambiguous insights

– from existing monitoring and evaluation reports that lead to limited knowledge on which business and operational processes need improvement.


Lack of data management

– due to perceived huge associated costs, which leaves you at the mercy of few “specialized” individuals.


Interruption of the core tasks

– by pulling team members for days at a time to pull and publish reports rising from inability to identify problematic areas quickly so you can take positive action


Disconnect of those who produce and need reports

– No understanding by the developers of the report as to why it is required and often lack a sense of urgency in compiling the data.


The data is obsolete

– becomes of little use to spotting trends or making critical decisions, you aren’t getting the reports you require or need.


Security breach for report preparation

– practices that lessen strain on the development team but opens up doors to serious data security breach.


Dealing with consultants

– who charge you exorbitant hourly fees before implementation and later charge an extra plus for the implementation.


No single version of truth

– contradicting stories from various sources/platforms in the organization giving rise to Inability to meet customer expectations due to unreliable or inconsistent customer data.


Not understanding the value benefit

– of knowledge management and business intelligence to an organization’s business bottom-line.